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Not happy

You just sit and wait to get money

The best game

Love it

This game is for people who wanna watch the world burn

It’s a good game just hard to understand at first and it’s not for some people. It’s almost intense and somewhat stressful but maybe that’s just me lol still give it a try though it’s not so bad

Too Many ADS!!!

The game has potential, but every 40 seconds there’s an AD. I’m not paying $2.99 for this game.

Offline Earnings

The game is fun, but it would be nice if it would store more than 43 billion during offline. I’m at the point where I make that much in just a few online minutes. It’s pretty annoying.

Too many ads

I get an a. d every time I get a bonus even if I don’t select the earn double by watching an ad selection. Please fix

Good game

Good game but it gets boring after a while

Odly satisfying

It's one of those games that is addictive but has a stupid plot. BUT I DONT CARE BECAUSE ITS FUN!

Ads Ads Ads

Could be a fun idle game but it’s completely plagued with Ads. Every 30 seconds your watching some stupid ad. Makes the game unplayable as a free app. You can pay to get rid of them or just play a different game...


This game is fun and awesome and u could play it until it becomes reality in real life as an inspirational game and i reached $1 billion in abt 4days


Dis is tu be go

Too many adds

Too many adds... it’s hard to enjoy the game because of how many adds there are!

Level up

You need to have it so you level up when your not playing, because if you want to level up, you have to leave the app open for hours


This game is the Best!!! But u don’t do anything you only upgrade.


If you have the attention span of an autistic lemon this game still isn’t worth your time

Too many ads

I’ve spent more time watching ads than playing the game. Great game and time killer, but I’d rather not be forced to watch an ad every minute or so

AD central

Far to many AD's. Every thing I click on spawns an ad. Can hardly even play. Uninstalling.

Chiki baba bakan

Chicki baba backan chiki bakan for maka tonii


Why do the creators of this game make the adds for this game nothing like the game at least put some effort in the game




I really Like this app


Can’t stop watching

Got ripped off

So when i got a new phone it wouldn’t let me do restore... so basically everything i had done was gone...


The game may be riddled with ads but you can just turn off wifi and play eventually it will take months to get upgrades but overall it is a good game

Will it crush?

A very good game when your bored

Fun in the beggining...

This game starts out strong then just gets worse from there. Not real plot or point to it.

Oh no

It lost its mojo

Sexist ad

Me/my girlfriend ad is super sexist. Also this game is pretty boring after a while

WAYYY Too Many Ads

Literally everything you do there’s an ad. Like boi can I play a game without an ad coming up to haunt me every two seconds please? 😒

It's okay

This app is pretty fun the only thing I would change about it is to reduce the amount of ads that pop's up, like it's really annoying.

It’s fine

It’s cool but boring at the same time

Ads ads ads and then some more ads

Collect 2x if you watch an ad...... you’re going to watch that ad no matter if you pick collect x2 or just collect. I really have never seen a game with as many pop up ads. The 2.99 to remove ads has got to be their way of making money.

Love this game but

I am at a level in which the bricks and gems do not appear fast enough, and there is a half second gap in between bursts of the items. Please fix this and update the drop rate or this game will be unplayable


Nice app but make it cheaper please

It’s good

It’s a good game, but it crashes sometimes but other than that it’s a good game. 👍


It’s easy to progress through the game and is great for multitasking.

Game is literally broken

So I got the game and purchased the “No Ads” thinking this would be a fun thing to stare at while waiting at loading docks. 30 seconds after opening it on my iPad I tapped “restore purchase” and after waiting for it to update I tapped it a few more times. It did eventually update but it also gave me 30 gems for every time I tapped “restore purchase”. I went back to my phone and hit “restore purchase” there and it gave me 30 gems too. Kind of bummed a game breaking bug like that would still be in the game, cause now there’s no more reason to open it other than to watch the level bar and gain levels.

Honestly unplayable

While I understand the need to have ads in order to offer a free experience, the amount of intrusive ads within this game is mind blowing. The play time to ad time ratio was about 60/40. That’s absolutely unacceptable.

I can’t stop!!!!!!!!!

This game is so fun I can not stop😍😍😍😍😍😍


It is bad

Crush it


Stress reliving!

It is so stress reliving! Always so awesome to get a gem that is more than 200! Only problem is the ads they are annoying!😩 But still 5 star game!👍🏻. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



I like rice

Rice is good

Something to say

Thus fame is fun but could he just pay to win or become boring immediately after you become good

YOU WILL LOVE THE GAME... If you love ads

Ads Every Second

Really dull game.

All you have to do is just tap and wait for the gears to spin just a tiny bit faster.

Too expensive

Removing ads should really cost 0.99 for how little game play value there is.

Hours Away Doesn’t Work Anymore

Regardless of how high my hours are upgraded, or how long I stay away, I do not receive my down time hours credits. Today for example, 300 or so qi credits earned away, with 200 or so qi left over from last session, watch ad, and I do not get my away credits. Fix and I’ll change rating.

This game in awesome

I love this game So much best game ever

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