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Love it

Stupid game

Its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To be honest I haven’t even downloaded the game yet but by reading the comments. I can tell that there are too much ads. The funny thing is I found this game off an ad

Amazing game

You crush crystals you crush ore you’ve crushed all the ore and gave me money


Ok, we all know that the ads are being sexist. Like this gf vs bf one or mom vs dad and the male always wins/has better score. ITS NOT FAIR. Do you not understand girl gamers. (Also, the game is absolutely pointless and a waste of data.)

I would give 5 but

You ad is rude


This game is so fun and addictive

Battery Drainer

Battery on my Iphone SE Drains TREMENDOUSLY. I will RARELY use until the fix for this is released.

Full of horrible ads

This app is not a game. Just full of rubbish ads

Stupid and constant ads

The whole premise for the game is sorta stupid, and I normally like idle games. The leveling up just gives you a bonus and various other ways to upgrade the wheels. Every time you go to collect the level up bonus or an extra bonus that it gives you occasionally, it gives you two options. The first option is to just collect it, and the other is a 2x collect if you watch an ad. However, multiple times I have clicked the normal collect button, and it’ll give me an ad anyway. Sorta defeats the purpose of the options.

Too many ads = Unplayable

So you can collect double money if you watch an ad, BUT EVEN IF I CHOOSE NOT TO GET DOUBLE I HAVE TO WATCH AN AD?!? It wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t EVERY 30 SECONDS! Don’t download this ad trash

Less ads

The game is good making you want to make more money and stuff but the ads make it less fun

Awsome game

Great game


This is the best game ever

Just a pointless cash grab

There are ads every 20 seconds, it’s not worth it.

I love it



It it so good!!!! I love it


I don’t know what it is, but I just love upgrading my states so much, like legit it’s addictive for me at least.

Why 17+

Why is the game 17+ now, Restrictions band me from playing the game and like what TYPE of NUDITY does this game have.

Spoiler alerttt

It always crushes😶


Using phone and app said I had virus from this app not sure what’s up I did delete app mayb do alway with all adds and pop ups

Handy app/game

This app is pretty cool because you crush stuff, it’s also like a stress reliever or something to do when the power goes out or something like that. (This review is from a Real person) 😉👍

hate it

worst game i have ever downloaded. i can go 20 seconds without seeing an add. the app eats up ur battery. even without it open my battery life has been awful for the days that i have had it now once ive deleted it it is back to normal. if i could give this 0 stars, i wouldnt hesitate to

Will it Crush

Fun and relaxing

Audio Disappointment

I like the concept a lot! The execution is decent enough. But I DESPERATELY can’t deal with the fact that, despite silencing my phone to prevent this exact thing, any time an ad starts up, it stops my podcast. Please fix this!

Crush review

To much adds

To many ads

It’s a fun background game but to many ads. Voodoo you guys probably bring in 1 million bucks a day with all of the ads

The new update makes it so I can’t play

I have restrictions on because I do not want to download anything bad and this game with the new update change to 17+. I wish that I could play more😭


Five stars! High quality, when your off the app it keeps going, great animations, and I love it!!

This is really good!

This is really good for making time fly because it is so fun and most of monkeys games are fun.


Perfect Satisfaction! I play this a lot, this is a great time to forget about a bad day.


This game is awesome

Pointless Ad Magnet

1.) No instructions, you’re only given option to purchase boosters. 2.) You don’t even have to interact with the game, just buy boosters and watch out for bonuses. I didn’t even know you could tap the wheel until I read the comments. 3.) You have to manually level up once you reach high enough score, and no matter how many points you’ve gained after you reached capacity of the level, the leftover points don’t carry over to the new level. 4.) Too. Many. Ads. Oh lord, almost every tap you make there’s an ad. Update a booster? Boom. There’s an ad. Level up? Ad. Breathe? Ad. Bonus? You have an option of original bonus and double the bonus. The original bonus gives you 30 second ad that you can skip in 10 seconds. The 2x bonus makes you watch a full 30 second ad. 5.) I’ve seen all ads out there in the market while playing less than an hour of this game. 6.) You don’t really see much effect once you boost up the wheels, except maybe for spikes and speed at high level.

Bonus driven

If you use the bonuses at all you quickly find it is much faster to hit the bonus button and watch the ad to double the rewards. Even it you do try to upgrade the crushers it ends up doing surprisingly little for your crush rate (even in the beginning where games usually make upgrading things super effective) so I don’t really recommend this game.

Too many advertisements!

Every time you tap you see an ad. Tap bonus - ad Level up - ad Power up - ad Boost - ad The game is a worthless point if all you’re seeing is advertisements. So many that the game is not fun. Maybe you should reprogram it and limit the advertisements showing. Until then, one star is all you get.


This game is stupid and pointless and I guess that makes it kinda fun but still

It’s so fun

I love this game you should play it to it’s really a time waster and it’s fun because you don’t have to click any thing so that makes more fun. So I love this game and you should to!

I don’t understand

When it says that you can watch a ad for double it is going to make you watch two if you don’t it still makes you watch on🙌🏻 I give up

More Commercial-serving garbage

Premise is neat but being force-fed commercials every two seconds turns this into slop.

Too many ads!!

I would give this app a 5 star rating but there are so many ads and to get no ads it costs 2.99 I think it should be 99 cents!


This game has wayyyyyyyyyyyy to many ads every time you click something there’s a ad and I’m like why?!!??!? And you can pay $3.00 to remove the ads but who about to do that on a game that you not doing any thing but tap to upgrade stuff.


I don’t get this game.. do I get money or


Well to be honest, there is not point to this. But it’s so repetitively fun, that there doesn’t have to be.

Too many ads.

You have to watch an ad very 30 seconds. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I was so mad and annoyed after five minutes I deleted the app. Just terrible.

Way too many ads.

This game honestly puts out more ads in 10 minutes than I’ve ever had in my entire life.


I’ve really enjoyed this game and I’ve done no work

Not that bad

not that bad the only thing I don’t like about the game is that you have to press the level up button it doesn’t do it by its self

turn off cellular data for the app

just turn off the cellular data for the app and when you aren’t on wifi its addless

Good game but...

Fine but it is pointless

Toooo many adds

You get an add for collecting your away money even though you don’t get the bonus like it says when you have the 2 choices it still gives and add anyway I don’t even collect anything cause I know I’m going to get an add. So chill with the adds

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